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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a quote?

There are only 3 easy steps to get any quote/order: When? What? Where?

  • When do you need to receive and return the order?

  • What equipment and services do you need?

  • Where is the order being delivered?

Fello’s equipment and services pricing varies based on the total quantity and rental duration.

Fello’s round-trip shipping costs are based on the zip code and delivery services selected.

We recommend placing your order at least 2 weeks before the Rental Start Date. Booking within 2 weeks of the Rental Start Date may result in unavailable inventory and/or expedited delivery fees.

How can I place an order?

Once you have put together a quote, just click “Next Step”, enter your round-trip shipping and billing information, and you’re all set!

What products does Fello offer for rent?

Fello provides rentals of iPads and iPhones, along with accessories made for these models. We do not currently offer non-Apple tablets or other rentals of AV equipment.

Why rent and not buy?

Fello offers rentals as a cost-effective, short-term solution for iPads and iPhones. Generally, smaller requests for 1 or 2 items, or rentals longer than 3 months, would be better off purchasing equipment.

Fello also offers the most update to date software and operating systems.

How long is the rental term?

Fello rentals can be provided for any length of time. Rentals will always arrive on your selected Rental Start Date. The rental must be returned to UPS or a Fello courier on your selected Rental End Date.

How soon can I receive the order?

Fello can generally deliver your order the next business day, as long as your order is confirmed before 3:00 PM EST.

How long will it take to set up my hardware?

Depending on the amount of equipment you are renting, we recommend receiving your order at least from 1 to 3 days before your event. All of the hardware will be charged and ready to use when you receive it, so all you have to do is take it out of the box and plug it in.

How many can I order?

Fello can provide any quantity rental, from a couple of items to thousands, if needed.

Where can I get a rental?

Fello currently offers rentals to the entirety of the United States of America and Canada. If you need a rental anywhere else in the world, please contact us directly by phone or email.

How does the order get delivered to the customer?

Fello orders are delivered one of two ways:

  • UPS Shipping : All orders will arrive before the end of business on your selected Rental Start Date. Fello uses UPS Ground whenever possible to keep shipping rates cost-effective, but may need to upgrade to UPS Express services, based on the delivery location and booking date.

    Fello will reach out with tracking information when your order leaves our facility. This date may vary from 1 to 6 business days before your Rental Start date, based on delivery location.

    Please double-check the delivery address before submitting your order to Fello.

  • Courier Services : If you are receiving your rental in the metro NYC area, Fello offers direct courier services. A Fello courier will arrive to hand-deliver your order within a chosen time window (anytime between 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST). You must choose this after entering your zip code.

    Fello does not offer direct pickup or return at any of our offices or locations.

How does the order get returned to Fello?

  • UPS Shipping : All orders must be returned to UPS on or before your selected Rental End Date. Fello provides a prepaid return shipping label with the order. We require that you retain the original boxes and packaging the hardware arrives in to re-pack your order. Failure to do so may result in additional fees.

    You may either bring the return order to UPS, or Fello can schedule a UPS pickup for your at least one business day before the pickup date.

    Fello only requires the order be in UPS possession before the end of business on your Rental End Date. You are not charged for any time the return is in transit to Fello.

  • Courier Services : A Fello courier will arrive to pick up your order within a chosen time window (anytime between 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST). You must choose this after entering your zip code.


What equipment services does Fello offer?

  • Verizon 4G LTE Data

  • Insurance Protections Plans

  • Custom Media Installation

  • On-Site Event Support

Does the equipment have internet? (Verizon 4G LTE Data)

Fello offers Verizon 4G LTE Cellular Data on all our equipment (identical to the 4G service on your cell phone or tablet) for an additional fee. This service will provide internet coverage wherever Verizon coverage is available.


All of our equipment also has the standard ability to connected to any existing WiFi signal.

Fello also offers Event WiFi solutions, such as a Cradle Router, which can provide WiFi for up to 75 devices at once in a single area.

Can the equipment be insured? (Insurance Protections Plans)

Damage Insurance - Covers the equipment for repairable damages. Cost varies based on quantity and total rental duration and per item deductible applies.

Damage + Theft Insurance - Covers the equipment for repairable damages or theft. Cost varies based on quantity and total rental duration and per item deductible applies.

Please see here for more information on Fello insurance coverage.

Can the equipment have apps installed or be set up in advance? (Custom Media Installation)

Yes, Fello offers Custom Media Installation (CMI) services for any of our devices. This service covers anything from simple app installation and WiFi pre-configuration to document/media installation and any custom settings.

Otherwise, our iPads arrive factory reset with all of the basic apps. If you choose not to have CMI services, you would be able to install anything you’d like with your own Apple ID. We only ask that you sign out of your account before returning to Fello.

On-Site Event Support

If you are having a large event and need assistance on-site, helpful Fellos can come on your event dates. We can help with setup, training, troubleshooting, and breakdown. This service requires a deposit for the reservation and additional fees may apply for travel and accommodations.


What is the difference between iPad/iPhone models?

Please see the links below for technical specs of different iPad and iPhone models Fello offers. Fello only currently carries these models and will update our website when we update our available inventory.

Can I physically put anything on the outside equipment?

Fello strives to maintain the appearance of our equipment and asks our customers to refrain from putting any stickers, tape, adhesive, or anything that may leave markings. Should our warehouse find any returned equipment that requires extra maintenance or cleaning, additional fees may be issued.

Can I choose the equipment color?

iPads are available with either a Black or White colored front bezel. If you need a specific color, please let a Fello sales rep now after placing your order. Regardless of choice, we will always try to provide the same color for all equipment in a single order. The back of the iPads have varying colors, but we do not inventory the iPads according to this color.

All other Fello equipment colors are listed in the item description.


If you need technical support or have any questions or concerns, please call or email the Fello team.

[email protected]

Fello does a factory reset of all equipment upon return. We require that you log out of all accounts and remove any passcodes that you may have added during your rental. We recommend this for security reasons, however, a possible fee may be issued if they are returned without doing so. You may also feel free to reset the iPads yourself, after their use: Settings ⇨ General ⇨ Reset ⇨ Erase All Content and Settings.

Each iPad comes with a courtesy basic leather case stand, and charger plug/cable and will arrive charged above 90%.

All Fello equipment pieces have inventory and tracking barcodes for internal use.

If you need data retrieved from the iPads after return, please let Fello know ASAP. If we are notified after your rental is returned, Fello may not be able to retrieve any data. Once our warehouse receives the equipment back, our standard procedure is to completely reset the iPads and will no longer have access to that data.