Fello Holiday Closure December 27-31


Sunday, March 15, 2020

Fello, a technology and hardware rental company that concentrates primarily on the events industry, has been monitoring the impact of coronavirus-related closures on clients and events throughout the country. As the United States begins a necessary period of social distancing, Fello has developed a creative way to support the education and healthcare communities to meet remote connectivity needs.

While the cancelation of conferences, sporting events and concerts around the country has reduced the traditional need for tablet rentals, a new demand has arisen – the need for at-home technology for remote working, learning and family connectivity. With the tools, inventory and infrastructure already in place, Fello is uniquely prepared to address this need and as such has launched a national discount program to provide tablet rentals to both schools and nursing homes.

Fello headquarters is located in the NY-NJ Tri-State area which is already being significantly impacted by mandatory school closures and quarantines. According to Zalmy Raskin, CEO of Fello, “As soon as the closures were announced, we were contacted by several local schools to help them prepare for distance learning. We immediately realized that many schools would be facing the same challenges and so we put together a discounted program to support those districts with iPads for students who do not have devices or internet connections at home.”

The at-home learning technology packages provided by Fello include basic level iPads (that can be equipped with LTE data if internet is not available in the home), kid-friendly cases and parental security controls. Fello will also configure the devices and can pre-install education apps such as Google Classroom. Technology packages can be delivered directly to schools or drop-shipped to individual student homes. In addition to supporting at-home learning for closed school districts, nursing homes and assisted living facilities that are currently not accepting outside visitors are also included in the Discount Program and can use tablets for each resident to stay in touch with family virtually.“What drives us now is what drove us to start this business in the first place,” remarked CFO Schneur Landa, “our passion to provide technology in a way that will solve problems and improve people's lives.”

Fello is provided flexible, discounted pricing including damage insurance, based on volume and length of the rental with options to extend the program if closures persist beyond the initial anticipated period.If you are a school district, senior care facility or other business impacted by the corona virus, you can find more information about the discount program here.